Vegetal Speed Dating is a participative performance with humans and plants. Vegetal Speed Dating is developed and implemented by Christina Stadelbauer and Regula Heggli. Bassed on recent scientific evidenc and backed by the biodynamic practice and research ond formative force ( Vegetal Speeddating explores communication capabilitites betweend plants and humans. Participants are invited to seed contact with plants and explore both theri own reaction and the possible responses by the plants. Vegetal Speed Dating addresses the topics of plant cognition, communication and enhanced perception through a playful, practical expermiment.


Speed DAting Events

The first Vegetal Speed Dating happened as an experiment at Temporary in Helsinki, in May 2017.

During the conference Plantarium in Linköoing Sweden, Vegetal Speed Dating was explored further!

the Dating

Exploring plants within the system of their environments and acknowledging their communication skills, movement and reactions is the future we are imagining!

Regula + Christina

We have developed this method to explore plant human interactions and re-evaluate long term relationships.


Vegetal Speed Dating was offered to the human conference participants of Plantarium who got to meet some vegetal participants....